Download aTunes from one of the following links:

Available versions

Windows Installer: which will guide you through the steps needed to install aTunes on your computer
Linux: a .deb package for Ubuntu / Debian distributions
Mac OS X: a .dmg file with Just mount it and copy to your Applications folder
Cross-platform Package: a tar.gz file, just uncompress and start aTunes without any installation needed

System Requirements


aTunes needs a Java 6 virtual machine with version 1.6.0 or greater:

  • Windows: download here
  • Linux / Solaris: check documentation or software center of your distribution
  • Mac: recent OS X versions come with Java preinstalled

There are other requirements related to player and CD ripping engines:

  • Windows: aTunes comes with mplayer and cdrecord. No additional software is required.
  • Linux / Solaris: aTunes needs mplayer to play music, and optionally cdda2wav, lame or oggenc for CD reading and file encoding
  • Mac: aTunes needs MPlayerX



Previous releases

If you encounter problems with the current version you can download previous ones from Sourceforge download area