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Name Role
Alex Aranda Founder, developer, translator
Sylvain Gaudard Developer, translator
Thomas Beckers Developer, translator

Developers who have contributed

Name Contribution
Bertrand Florat Improvements on lyrics search and support for non-english mplayer versions
Andrej Herich Autodetection of locale with appropriate choice of language
James C. McPherson Solaris support
Michael Rutter Improvements on shuffle mode
Philip Heron Download podcast feature
Roeland Maes Support for CDParanoia on Mac OS X
Aekold Helbrass UI improvements; support for Xine player
Pascal Gheeraert UI improvements
Stefan Beckers Improvements in tag edition
Tobias Melcher New context tab to show videos from YouTube
Mingsky Z. Cue sheet support
Ray Barlow Mplayer priority handling in Windows
Marco Biscaro Support for libnotify (Gnome)
Taylor Tang New lyric engine using www.winampcn.com
Tobias Rapp New year view in navigator / Date column for podcasts
Laurent Cathala Repository validation at startup
cy6ergnOm Swing improvements
deathgorepain Column sorting, drag and drop and favorites improvements, allow truncate playlist when copying to device
Jan-Martin Ziem Option for case-sensitive elements in navigator
Johannes Lerch Hotkeys support for 64-bit Windows
Michal Pantucek Swing improvements
Dave Badia Repository improvements
Radovan New remote commands to control application from a telnet session


Language Translators
Arabic Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi
Catalan Perru002
Simplified Chinese Wutong Feng
Traditional Chinese Wutong Feng
Croatian Dominko Aždajić
Czech Vladimír Slávik
Danish David Rasmussen
Dutch Kristof Bal
English Alex Aranda, Sylvain Gaudard, Thomas Beckers
French Sylvain Gaudard, Sandrine Monrocher-Zaffarano
Galician Martín Pena
German Sylvain Gaudard, Thomas Beckers
Greek Pavlos Paraskeuopoulos
Hungarian Attila Balázs, Paksy Dávid
Italian Roberto Boriotti, Giuseppe Caliendo
Japanese Hiroshi Masui
Norwegian Arild Hansen
Polish Pawel Baranik
Portuguese Márcio Martins
Brazilian Portuguese Flavio Mattos
Russian Kostin Dmitry
Slovak Andrej Herich
Spanish Alex Aranda
Swedish Tobias Järvelöv
Turkish Serkan Aytin, Ramazan Utku
Ukrainian Aekold Helbrass